About Us

Urban Aristocats was created to fill a void in the grooming business, cat grooming. So many cat owners struggle with the statements of “my cat is shedding”, “my cat throws up hairballs”, “why are there giant clumps on the back of my cat?”, “what do I do with this cat?”.That being said the owners sought out the highest level of education to answer and fulfill the need for cat grooming.

Our groomers went to NCGIA to achieve these goals becoming the ONLY certified cat groomers in the DFW metroplex. We pride ourselves on knowing the tricks to groom your feline as a feline not a canine. Education is necessary to know how to groom a cat safely.

Also having an exclusive area to groom cats is imperative. Not only do some cats become scared of just dog smells but cats and dogs don’t mix well when they are in the same room. So having a exclusive grooming area for cats can relieve some of the stress when coming to a grooming salon.

Our professionally trained, highly skilled Feline Stylists are experts in the cat grooming industry. In order to provide your cat with a truly superior grooming experience, we regularly attend grooming seminars and always stay up-to-date with all of the latest techniques, products & equipment. This is what allows us to continually and successfully provide you and your cat with nothing but the very best.